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Neem Teem Cleen Toothpaste


The Unity Tour -  Hip Hop or Hip Hope - This State of Emergency is in full effect. Watch for the launch of our 3-day events taking place in every major city across the country.

Unity is the Key (to) Standing Up a Nation -  Declaring Our Economic Independence Actuating True Self-Determination - Taking Control of Our Communities -

Neem Teem - Double Dutch - Soweto Street Beat / Sankofa / Hip Hope

National Black Council of Elders at the Round Table - Rites of Passage 

Indigenous Peoples Alliance - Details to follow: 



State of Emergency / Hip-Hop to Hip-Hop(e) Unity Tour Activists
New York
Dr. Margarita Cabral
Kurtis Blow
Yusef Sirius-El
Kory Turner-Bey
Lasana Tunica-El
Sharif Anael-Bey
Terrance Hopkins-Bey
Chakka Dillion-El
Ahmed Ali-El
Charis Martin-El
James Coleman-El
DJ Smitty Rock
DJ Kool A.D.,
It’s our time TV 1, Pop Gaskin
Yusef Muhammad, five Central Park Boys
Jimbo, Life’s Up Gun’s down
Soul Sonic Force
Bro – Hammurabi-Bey (Doug E. Fresh Dad)
Public Enemy Camp Queen Mecca Forever
Charles AKA Prince
Ralph Matthew
Craig Taylor C&T Media
Kansas City
Carl Price
Carl Boyd
Rosie Scover
Thomas Miller
Carl Hunter
Deputy Grand Master Yusef Muhammad
The general
New Haven, CT
Bishop Stalling
Cheryl Blackman
Cheryl Gills
Felicia Miller
Diane Simpson
Terrance Simpson
Jaz-O”The Originator
Rah Digga
Youth for Positive Change
Ashina Hicks
Evelyn Johnson
Marc Stewart
Genaro Valach
Leonard Howard
Gemini Abrams
Toriano Hill
Darion Butler
Toney Jordon
Janice Rogers
Isaacs AKA Zell
Carlton Brown Foundation
Amber Nicole
Dr. Tate & C.I.B.(Margarita Cabral) schedule of event
July 2, 2016 Brooklyn, NY
July 8-11 2016 Kansas City
July 15-16 2016 (Rappn Tate with FAU) Washington, DC
July 20, 2016 Brooklyn NY(Gun Violence event)
July 21-23 2016  Kansas City
July 24-26 2016 Chicago State of Emergence
July 29, 2016 NYC DJ State of emergency in Hip-Hope
August 19-21 Kansas City Hip-Hope Tour
September 24, 2016 Chicago Women –Hip-Hop(e) Humanitarian Unity Tour(Award)
October 7-11, 2016 United Under One Star / Atlanta
November 5, 2016, Women Int'l Humanitarian Award / Vegas


International Tour dates


2,3,4 - Hamilton, Bermuda

Sacred Mount Kenya - tba

London, UK - tba

Paris, France - tba


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