In all that we do, it is our mission to unite our people in peace and harmony as one.


What Motivates us... the Future does

The Sons and Daughters of Africa are inspired by our ancestors struggle for freedom to live and love in accordance with nature. In addition, we have the noble ideals which guided the founding fathers of the Pan-Africanist movements in their determination to promote unity, solidarity, liberty, justice, cohesion, and cooperation among the peoples of Africa, the African States, and the African Diaspora (2016-1.8B)





Declare our Economic Independence & Stand up our Nation. Reclaim our Communities and the Businesses that serve them, Eliminate Poverty, Slavery, and wars everywhere.


Melanin-rich people are our priority. We acknowledge that all people of the earth can be brothers and sisters. (not are, but can be - brothers and sisters) 

Universal equality is the goal.


Unity is the Key  -  Cooperation is Better than Competition


Change the lives of our people by reorienting their thinking, thought processes, patterns of action, and activities while elevating their levels of conscious awareness and self-respect. Uplift our fallen humanity and redeem the lost sheep of the world. 


Utilize cooperative economics, group dynamics, historical precedents, current technology and futuristic concepts to build sustainable communities free from poverty, crime, wealth disparity, ignorance, and all forms of slavery. 


Use information, culture, music, media, social and otherwise, combined with modern technology to engage our people, instruct them and raise their levels of consciousness.


To raise money and distribute it in an economically sound manner to restore sanity to our communities across the country and around the world.


Let's Make Peace as Profitable as War:  #FREEDOM


Priorities By The Numbers

1.) Declare Our Economic Independence ~ Stand Up Our Nation

2.) Educate ourselves and our Children 

3.) Take Contol of our Communities and the Businesses That Serve Them

4.) Eliminate Ignorance, Poverty, Slavery, Crime, Wealth Disparity, and War




The Edenites oath of awareness and commitment:

1.        WE are the descendants of the original people on earth. All human races are our brothers and sisters. Melanin /dark skin and kinky hair, that is are our heritage.

2.        WE members of the human family share with each other and protect each other from all known predators, hurt, harm and danger.

3.        WE know our mission in life. It is to help each other to improve our collective lives and leave the world a better place than we found it.

4.        WE must uplift fallen humanity and save the planet from destructive forces.
5.        WE put people before power, 
profit, and property.

6. WE know that symbiotic relationships / mutual cooperation is a much better system than predatory capitalism and unfair, unsportsmanlike competition.

7.      WE know that conflict resolution and mutual human respect can benefit the individual and the community.

8.      WE know that mindset trumps physical attributes, traits, and flaws

 9.       WE know that this planet’s resources are more than adequate for all to live in abundance and harmony.

10.    WE know that Monopoly financed Capitalism gave us Slavery. The vestiges of it are still with us today in the forms of Wealth Disparity, a struggling middle-class and rampant poverty.

11.      WE know that mutual human respect is requisite for the continued existence of man.

12.  WE know the truth. “Project Symbiosis” is a community working together for mutual benefit. It is superior to all other political-socio-economic-systems.




The Neem Teem  ~  Global Resource Center  ~

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Mission statement: Local, National and International Nation Building.  Cultural Exchange, developing Global Consciousness and uniting our people via Economic Empowerment.

We believe in Peace, protecting our Children, honoring our Women and defending ourselves when necessary. 

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