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Localizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Solutions

Zero Time Strategic Alliance Coordinator Andrew Williams, Jr.




People most vulnerable to the adverse effects of income inequality, climate change and adverse environmental conditions are most in need regenerative socioeconomic infrastructures including food sovereignty and a permanent export-oriented entrepreneurial support structure.


Beginning in Los Angeles, the Peaceful Nation working together with the others to develop, mobilize and expand our economic impact, first in America and then the world by delivering “Bottom-Uproot cause solutions.


Enhance the global partnership for sustainable development, complemented by multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology, and financial resources, to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals in all countries, in particular developing countries, underserved communities, homeless & displaced populations with unmet needs worldwide


Encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships, building on the experience and resourcing strategies of beneficial partnerships, including Freelancer, Home-Based, Micro- and Small-Medium-Enterprise businesses, during this “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, pursuant to the 2016 World Economic Forum


We are recruiting and growing a strategic alliance to identify, recruit, register and mobilize 4,000+ civil society stakeholders (ngos, nonprofits, business associations, labor organizations, academic institutions and cities) and 1,000 new small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the United Nations Global Compact Local Networks to in support of the Sustainable Development Agenda to “Leave No One Behind” 2016-2030.


Thanking you, in advance for your heartfelt efforts to help all the people of the world “Make That Change” to achieve a Collective Better Future for themselves and the

generations to follow as we Stand for Unity to “Heal the World” in Zero Time through regenerative design & development by Healing Los Angeles.


Andrew Williams Jr. *                                                            July 17, 2016









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