5 Legacy Projects


1. The African Diaspora Volunteer Corps - We have undertaken to implement phase I of the task to create the African Diaspora Volunteer Corps at


2. The African Diaspora Skills Database - 

Phase  I is used to define the creation of the African Diaspora Volunteer Corps.

Phase II is to encourage and support the development of an African Union Diaspora Volunteer programme as a framework for associating the Diaspora directly with the development of the continent and which will soon be operating at  

Phase III is the use of that database to solve problems.

3. The African Institute for Remittance  - This work is based on the framework report created 21 November 2015  for a report to be issued on May 25th of 2016 on the African Institute of Remittance based on previous actions of the African Diaspora and organs and officials of the African Union since July 16, 2012.  

4. The African Diaspora Investment Fund - This work is based on the report created 21 November 2015 
for an African Investment Fund which in turn is based on previous AU actions since July 16, 2012. 

5. Development of a Marketplace for African Development



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